Tiny Library on Kickstarter

Hello folks, 

This is a quick update because I'm currently sending a million emails daily. 

As you may remember from the previous update, Tiny Library is a deck of 50 single-card RPGs from dozens of different creators. The project is now on Kickstarter and it's a hit! 

We're fast approaching 2000 backers with plenty of time to grow further in the final week. This is obviously great news, but it also means the potential consequences of miscalculating a shipping or production cost have increased dramatically. 

And it's easy to do! A 10-gram error in the shipping weight of my previous project meant I lost money on each backer from the United States.

So forgive me for the brief update. I'm very happy that Tiny Library is appealing to so many people, and I look forward to exploring more large-scale collaborative anthologies in future. 

For now... the spreadsheets need me. 

Tiny Library

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